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Re: F11 mode setting fails on Radeon

--- On Sun, 4/12/09, Matthew Saltzman <mjs clemson edu> wrote:

> From: Matthew Saltzman <mjs clemson edu>
> Subject: F11 mode setting fails on Radeon
> To: fedora-test-list redhat com
> Date: Sunday, April 12, 2009, 1:03 PM
> I tried the F11 beta snapshot 1 live CD on my Thinkpad T41
> (Radeon
> Mobility 7500).  
> When I boot with default options, the boot screen lights up
> in the lower
> left corner.  The lit portion of the screen spreads until
> the entire
> screen is mostly white.  The machine appears to continue to
> boot, and
> the keyboard remains responsive (at least caps-lock toggles
> the LED),
> but nothing I type appears to have any effect.  

If you want to see the boot process, when the nice graphics appear press "esc" and you should be able to see the boot messages.  

> In particular,
> ctrl-alt-del doesn't reboot, ctrl-alt-bksp doesn't
> restart X, and
> ctrl-alt-Fn doesn't give me a virtual console.
ctrl+alt+bksp does not work anymore, it has been removed:


X server 

The key combination Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill the X server has been disabled by default as a decision of the upstream Xorg project. You can change the default by adding the following section to xorg.conf file. If one does not exist, you can create it manually at /etc/X11/xorg.conf using a text editor and Xorg will honor that setting. 
Section "ServerFlags"
Option "DontZap" "false"

If you use kickstart or want to use scripts to change this setting automatically across multiple systems, you can use the following snippet 

grep -q -s DontZap /etc/X11/xorg.conf
if [ $append -ne 0 ]; then
  cat >> /etc/X11/xorg.conf << EOF
  Section "ServerFlags"
  Option "DontZap" "false"


The Xorg project has changed the default DontZap setting to "true" after complaints from desktop users that accidentally hit Ctrl+Alt+Backspace when trying to type Alt+Backspace, Ctrl+Backspace, or Shift+Backspace, or who had StickyKeys enabled. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace is also a keyboard shortcut for deleting certain expressions in C and Java modes in Emacs.
> Booting with the nomodeset option seems to work just fine
> (though, of
> course, without the graphical boot screen).
> Which component should get this bug report?
Some users have been expressing their feelings that the component should be the kernel because there is where the new changes are being integrated, but someone else might recommend better.  
> Thanks.
> -- 
>                 Matthew Saltzman
> Clemson University Math Sciences
> mjs AT clemson DOT edu
> http://www.math.clemson.edu/~mjs
> -- 




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