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Re: firefox is regularly dying

> Firefox has crashed on me before, and has frozen my machine, but I reboot and it starts working again.  I believe firefox segfaults.

Yes, I see that on occasion.

> The best way to come up with something that can benefit all, is that we need to run firefox from comand line and get the output post it here and write bug reports if needed so that at least the firefox guys can look at it, or also run it in safe-mode with no plugins.  Since I am on holiday mode I have not updated or done anything, but when I get back, I will try to do something to help our cause.  But at the meantime there is not much that we can do.
> I for one, tried to do it, but the machine locked up(froze completely), that I could not save the output where it said that it segfaulted so I does me no good to say that it is a segfault, but I would bet 95% of the time that is what is happening.   I use konqueror more and more because of this, but it too has its share of problems, but in general it is working ok.  Opera is good too but not open source, I use it also.  So if one does not do its job, I go to the next one in line.  Ironically, after I started using Opera, firefox started working much better, like if it knew that I was dissatisfied with its performance?

Yea, i've tried running firefox through gdb but it seems plugins are
disabled when running it this way which makes it hard to grab the


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