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Re: firefox is regularly dying

Whether you can refer to a domain by it's domain name only in a browser address bar, or by prepending 'www.' to the domain name

linux-kvm.org vs. www.linux-kvm.org

is a DNS issue, and is not a browser issue. Without explaining all the details, the DNS server authoritative for the linux-kvm.org domain should include DNS resource records so that linux-kvm.org and www.linux-kvm.org can both be found. The DNS server for that domain does in fact do it. Evidently it does, because the url "http://linux-kvm.org"; works fine for me when I type it in the address bar of Firefox, press <enter>, and get the expected website.


On 04/12/2009 08:33 PM, Tom Horsley wrote:

OK, I was just booted on fedora 11 beta, and that tells me the
site linux-kvm.org can't be looked up (and nslookup agrees).

I notice when I go there on fedora 10, it winds up sticking
a www. in front (and nslookup can find www.linux-kvm.org).

Has URL search been disabled by default in newest firefox?

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