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How to format /home to ext4 ?

just did an upgrade to fedora 11 updating fedora10.  In the process I lost
the root logon which I had with F10.

Without the root logon, I am unable to use gparted to unmount /home and to
reformat /home to use ext4

I realize that the desire to stop a gui logon of root is important, but
there are many many tools in gnome and kde that root can make use of, and
save substantial labor. Sudo does not provide root privileges to gnome.

Guys, don't take away root logon, as I already configured Fedora10 to allow
it. The F11 update took that away.

I am hoping that with the live CD I can do the reformat of /home, (which
is backed up in it's entirety on /opt)



PS. Am I the only one having problems with very very slow responses?
Firefox will not start, and authenticate is broken.  Lets fix the convert to
Ext4 issue first.




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