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running gimp causes any window moves to lock up the system

  ok, time for another bug report that i'm sure i'm the only one
seeing. :-)

  on a fully-updated f11 beta system, i can drag windows all over my
desktop and, when i'm doing the drag to a new location, the cursor is
temporarily the tilted square with four smaller squares inside it.  so
far, so good?

  i just happened to start gimp and opened a png file, and never even
had time to start editing it when i tried to drag a window out of the
way, at which point the system locked up, leaving me with the square
cursor that i could still control, but everything else frozen.

  after rebooting, i verified that i could open multiple xterms and
drag them all over the place.  then started gimp, tried to drag and
... hang.  exactly the same way.  tested this two more times,
*exactly* the same result.

  anyone else seeing this?  i don't even have to *do* anything in gimp
-- it's just having it running that makes moving *anything* on the
desktop cause the system to hang.  thoughts?


p.s.  nothing related to this in /var/log/messages that i can see.

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