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Re: trying to run selinux administration produces nothing

On 04/12/2009 12:47 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
   earlier this morning, i tried to configure selinux via:

   System ->
     Admin ->
       SELinux Management

was prompted for the root password, then ... nothing.  i tried again,
and the next time, i didn't even get the root password dialog.  some
messages that showed up on the first few attempts of trying but didn't
show up on later attempts:

   setroubleshootd[####] general protection ip:7f024265790d ...

i can see two bugzilla reports apparently related to this:


but those reports seem to suggest that this issue has been resolved in
rawhide, although i have a fully-updated f11 beta system.  thoughts?


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setroubleshootd is not SELinux management. SELinux Management is system-config-selinux and should be fixed in


Which should be in todays rawhide.

setroubleshoot crashing seems to be triggered by changes in either GNOME/GTK or python and we are looking into it.

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