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Re: How to format /home to ext4 ?

On Sun, 2009-04-12 at 21:13 -0700, Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> just did an upgrade to fedora 11 updating fedora10.  In the process I
> lost
> the root logon which I had with F10.
> Without the root logon, I am unable to use gparted to unmount /home
> and to
> reformat /home to use ext4
> I realize that the desire to stop a gui logon of root is important,
> but
> there are many many tools in gnome and kde that root can make use of,
> and
> save substantial labor. Sudo does not provide root privileges to
> gnome.

Is it really that hard to open gnome-terminal (or whatever your
favourite terminal is), do 'su -' and then run gparted from there?
Logging in to desktop environment as root is totally unnecessary and a
big security risk (and not fully supported either). I've done hundreds
of things that require root privileges in GUI and I've never needed to
be logged in to gnome as root...

And btw. you've actually not lost the login as root, it is just disabled
in GDM. You can log-in as root in terminals (e.g. on Ctrl-Alt-F2) and
you can even run the desktop environment from there by running startx
(not that it is a good thing to do either).


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