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2009-04-13 - Fedora Test Day - Anaconda storage rewrite part#2

Greetings testers,

Hopefully you've had a chance to test out the Beta (or Snap1).  You
might have been lucky and your installation completed without error.  If
that was the case ... congratulations!  Now you must to try harder to
break it.  

For those of you who have experienced installation problems with the
Beta (or Snap1) this is a great opportunity to get additional feedback
on the failure.  We need your help breaking anaconda, categorizing the
failures, and narrowing any reproducers.

Come join #fedora-qa this Tuesday, April 13, 2009 to share your
anaconda storage rewrite test results and help narrow down reproducers.
Test cases and a Fedora live image will be available to aid testing.
Stay tuned for more details are available at


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