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Re: new install: how can i not have enough space?

Quoting Tom Lane <tgl redhat com>:

"Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday crashcourse ca> writes:
Quoting Fran├žois Cami <fcami fedoraproject org>:
On Tue, 14 Apr 2009 16:53:38 -0400
"Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday crashcourse ca> wrote:
argh!  i just started a new install on my laptop, so i could divvy
things up into numerous logical volumes.  i selected a pile of
software, only to be told that my selected packages require 4698 MB of
space and i don't have that much available.

excuse me?  i have separate LVs for /, /home, /usr, /var, /tmp and
/opt, with the *smallest* of those being 5G (/usr is 16G, /home is
50G, all the rest are 5G).  how exactly do i not have enough space
with 16G for /usr?

F10, rawhide ?

   ok, i could have mentioned that it's an x86_64 install of f11 beta. :-)

In that case it sounds like a bug introduced in the recent anaconda
rewrite.  Have you looked in bugzilla?  If you don't see something
similar there already, file it.  (It might well be there already.)

			regards, tom lane

  the only BZ report i found that looks vaguely similar is this:


but that doesn't seem to quite fit.  i'll try one more time, and BZ this
if i get the same result.  but i've done a *lot* of LVM-based installs in
my time so i'm fairly sure i have a handle on how to do it correctly.


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