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Fedora-10 nightmare-4


Sorry to bother you all like I do  - but thought I would be able to write
anything at all.

Just noticed something real funny:  - as explain, it is not possible
to have it recognice the settings for synaptics touch pad. A trouble I have
is that I never use the "tapping" function, as it is too sensitive and
erractic. But when the circling dots, the "hour-glass" or waiting thing occur, it stop if I lift my finger. Just the slightest touch or rest upon the pad, have it running again. Else things seem to stop up. Just had
the System Monitor with the graphs up, and everything simply stop if I don't
type fast, or if I dont touch the pad. The buttons on the pad have no effect,
it is almost like static or electric conduction has to appear between the
finger and pad.

Does this pad share any resources with the X-driver perhaps ? Or is there
something wrong with the sleep function, like screen saver or perhaps some
attempt to conserve battery ??

The graph will move for a couple of seconds, then take a rest. After a second, it may take a second of motion once in a while, but mostly it is
stopped until a just come in physical contact with the surface of the pad.


- how the heck can one file or explain such an error ??? 

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