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Re: Fedora-10 nightmare

On Tue, 2009-04-14 at 23:30 -0700, Arne Chr. Jorgensen wrote:
> It is totally useless on this hardware. HP Compac 6715b.
> 1. xorg.conf is missing, but attempting to make one never made it recognize
> 'SHMConfig' 'true', which is very important in this case.
> 2. Perhaps it is not meant to use xorg.conf ? Found some notes about setting
> things in HAL ?  And the software is probing the screen in a clever way, as
> it looks to my. Generation of the xorg.conf was done by "xorg -configure :1"
> and attempt to make an entry for synaptics touchpad was tried. 
> Question: - is it meant to use an xorg.conf or should something be set in
> some HAL files instead ?

cd /etc/hal/fdi/information
wget http://ivazquez.fedorapeople.org/files/synaptics.fdi
(modify file to taste)
service haldaemon restart
(relog X)

> - strange, as it is coming and going somewhat - now it didn't take a whole
> day for firefox to get page. The touchpad behaves somewhat, and so on.
> Then other times, all you can do is power off when everything is stuck.

That sounds too bizarre (and unique) to be strictly a software issue;
perhaps try updating your BIOS.

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <ivazqueznet gmail com>

PLEASE don't CC me; I'm already subscribed

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