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Re: new install: how can i not have enough space?

On Wed, 15 Apr 2009, clumens redhat com wrote:

> >   would you be able to be more specific about how anaconda is
> > screwing up the space calculation?  i would dearly love to be able
> > to get this install done and have multiple LVs, and i'm willing to
> > be stupidly generous with whatever logical volume is causing the
> > problem since i can always go back later and reduce the size.  or
> > is it just not that simple?
> We weren't correctly grabbing the filesystem that was mounted on
> /usr, leading anaconda to think there was none, therefore your / is
> too small to hold everything.  /usr simply wasn't getting counted at
> all.

  that doesn't sound right, as i had a space error even when i
specified a 100G root filesystem, which would have been *more* than
big enough for a DVD-based install, no?

  i'm willing to believe that this has been fixed, but if you're
taking the position that the error was merely because /usr wasn't
being added to the total, you might want to check that code again.


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