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Re: Specifying How Yum Downloads Updates

On Apr 15, 2009, at 09:21, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Bob Gustafson wrote:

I'm comparing two messengers:

One, with 'minimum code', which relies on the user to decide whether the
dependency list to be removed contains elements which are actively used
by other packages.

A second, (debian's package manager), which maintains a reference count
so it does not remove elements which are still in use by other packages.

Which would you like to unleash on the world?

Debian's dep resolver WILL remove a dependency if you run apt-get remove
a package (ie) apt-get remove foo will cause all that depends on foo to
be removed as well. There is no difference between yum and apt-get here.

The reference count is only useful in removing ADDITIONAL leaf packages.

Yes, I'm concerned about the ADDITIONAL packages removed by yum because it does not maintain a reference count.

It happened to me - 152 packages were removed. Many were critical to the operation of my system.
A reference counting package manager would not have done that.

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