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Re: palimpsest vs. smartctl

On Wed, 2009-04-15 at 10:22 +0200, Jiri Cerny wrote:
> Since yesterdays rawhide update,  I am getting the 'One or more disks
> are failing' icon in the notification area.
> When I click on it, the palimpsest utility starts. It says that the
> disk has bad sectors. When I click on details, I get
> Ata Smart Attributes window, which claims that 'Reallocated Sector
> Count' and 'Reallocation Count' fail.
> I do not understand the data in the table very well, but what I found
> surprising that the Value of Reallocated Sector Count is 0, what does
> not seems to me like value which should fail.
> I tried to check this with smartctl -a /dev/sda, I get  the output
> that can be seen below and which looks quite without problem. Also
> smartctl -l error, smartctl -l selftest report no errors.
> My question is: Is my disk really failing or  is there some bug in the
> reporting software?


if you think the disk is fine, but palimpsest is still showing you the
bubble, can you please file a bug and attach your data there ? It is
possible that the code in palimpsest / libatasmart needs some tweaks to
avoid false positives.


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