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Re: Specifying How Yum Downloads Updates

On 04/13/2009 11:58 PM, Seth Vidal wrote:

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009, Robert L Cochran wrote:

I'm using Fedora 11 Beta just about 100% of the time now.

How can I get yum to download in ascending order on the size of the package? I love getting all the little downloads first. That is most of the updates, leaving only a few large packages to do at the end.

the download by pkg size behavior was changed precisely b/c of how many raving complaints we got about it.

I didn't realize this was such an issue with people. It seems sort of like bicycle buying to me. Some people want performance bikes, some want road bikes. Some want expensive ones and others want cheap models. Maybe I'll try downloading the yum source and see if I can reinstate the download-by-package size option. I can live with the download alphabetically option, but I really did like getting most of the packages downloaded within a few minutes at most with the larger stuff coming last. I always check what Yum wants to download first before I answer 'y' to continuing, so I know perfectly well what packages are coming in.

Seems like we can't win.

Yum has done just amazing things for Red Hat, Fedora, and other products. I remember Red Hat 6 and trying to use rpm to install software and hitting all the dependency issues back then. You deserve compliments for all your work. When a variety of groups adopt it you know you wrote some great code there. And I guess having people heavily discuss the functionality is a compliment, too.


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