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Re: Specifying How Yum Downloads Updates

On 04/15/2009 06:56 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Robert L Cochran wrote:
I didn't realize this was such an issue with people. It seems sort of
like bicycle buying to me. Some people want performance bikes, some want
road bikes. Some want expensive ones and others want cheap models. Maybe
I'll try downloading the yum source and see if I can reinstate the
download-by-package size option. I can live with the download
alphabetically option, but I really did like getting most of the
packages downloaded within a few minutes at most with the larger stuff
coming last. I always check what Yum wants to download first before I
answer 'y' to continuing, so I know perfectly well what packages are
coming in.

I consider this "smallest first" behavior to be horribly deceptive and
misleading (it makes you believe you're much farther into the download than
you actually are) and I'm glad it got changed to something more logical.

         Kevin Kofler

The former way worked fine. There was no deception: recall that when a package is being downloaded, there are two percentage figures shown on the console output line. The first shows how complete the total download is. The second shows how complete the download for that particular package is. You could see reasonably accurate numbers right there. Many other software update utilities such as Microsoft Update don't show that much detail. And the way yum ordered downloads caused no one any problems. It is all a matter of perception, I guess!


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