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Re: linux notebook after sleep

On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 5:08 AM, 钟威 <zhongw_1984 yahoo com cn> wrote:
> hi,everyone,
>              I have a problem and I very hope you can help me!!
>              My notebook's OS is fedora 10,when the notebook goto sleep and
> I can't restart the system. I just can shutdown the power.Can you tell me
> why?And tell me how to solve the problem.Thank you very much! Thank a
> lot....

[Note that this list is really for discussing Fedora 11, the next
(i.e. test) version. Fedora 10 (and Fedora 9) are discussed on
<fedora-list redhat com>. When F11 is released, this list will move on
to Fedora 12 and so on.]

To ask for help you *at least* need to say what model of notebook
you're having the problem with. It would also be useful to know:

* How do you put it to sleep (suspend to RAM, suspend to disk, "I
don't know, I just shut the lid")?

* What desktop do you use (KDE, Gnome, other)?

* Are you using Wifi or a wired net connection?

* Do you have any non-Fedora drivers (e.g. Wifi)?

* Is the system fully up to date ("yum update")?

More information increases the chances of a useful answer.


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