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Re: video playback issues with kdenlive on Fedora 11 beta

On 16/04/09 23:07, Andrew Smith wrote:
Hi there,

I'm currently testing Fedora 11 beta x86_64.

I'm specifically testing kdenlive (non-linear video editor) before Fedora 11 is released.

The first install went great, with kdenlive absolutely stable and the whole system extremely fast on ext4 (I'm amazed how much faster everything is to be honest!)

All was good for a day or two and then I did a full yum update to the system.

On the next start up of kdenlive any attempt to render any video plays for a second or two and then freezes.
I have directly tested inigo and ffplay and both also freeze up.

If I play back the same video file with vlc it plays perfectly.

I do not know what specific package versions I was on but I do recall seeing qt being upgraded in the yum update.
Also some xorg and x11 packages.

The rest of the GUI in kdenlive is still responsive, so it looks like it's just the render thread that's frozen.


After a bit of testing I've found the problem:

kernel- = video freezes up after a few seconds

kernel- = OK
kernel-2.6.29- = OK

Therefore the solution is just to change grub.conf to boot off kernel- for now.

So far running Fedora 11 beta using ext4 is lightning fast and stable - thanks to all the developers it's look great!


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