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PXE question


Include some question of something I am curious about:  - is there
any PXE server for Fedora ?

I would like to set up some PXE server myself, as I have some hardware
were I have no other option. ( Panasonic CF-18 )

Have borrowed some similar hardware with CD drive, and swapping disks,
I have it running on Fedora-10 and tried Ubuntu - the later installed
drivers for much of the hardware which Fedora was not able to do. 

Don't have the option of borrow any more, and thus - no way to test until
I have some PXE server. ( I was not able to figure out why some of the
drivers was unavailable in Fedora. Network was not installed correctly )
Guess Fedora doesn't have drivers for touch-screens. Have not found it
on my tests on other Toughbook models. ( reason why some suggested Ubuntu )

If some PXE server is available anywhere, an F11 test would be interesting.
( else, I have to wait until I can make some server myself..if I get time )


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