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Audio in virtual machines

Has anyone been able to get audio working in a fully updated Fedora 11
Beta virtual machine guest?

I have tried on vmware server 2.0 (win vista and rhel 5.3 hosts), vmware
fusion 2.0.4 (10.5 host), virtualbox 2.2.0, and parallels desktop 4.0.

The furthest I get working audio is doing a clean installation of a
Fedora 11 Beta guest. As soon as the kernel and pulseaudio are updated
everything stops working; sound skips and hangs... nothing works. Fully
updating a system doesn't resolve the problem.

I did file a bug in bugzilla regarding my experience with the vmware
products, however it was closed... twice. I have since gone on to try
virtualbox and parallels with similar results. I won't have a chance to
try a kvm guest until tomorrow at the earliest.

Simply updating pulseaudio on a cleanly installed F11 Beta system (i.e.
yum -y update pulseaudio) doesn't seem enough to break the system,
although doing an update of pulseaudio and the kernel does (yum -y
update pulseaudio kernel)

Either booting the original kernel, or removing pulseaudio fixes the
playback however removing pulseaudio isn't really an option anymore
because it breaks the new volume control applet, with the old gnome
volume control applet deprecated, not to mention it is impossible to
configure any audio options with the graphical tools at that point either.

The bug I filed is here:

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