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GNOME ---no screensaver set, screen stays on does not blank

Dear fellow Fedora testers,

I asked a question about KDE now here is one for GNOME.  I have another situation with GNOME.  I have no screensaver set up, I set powersavings on for several minutes, (can't set it up to 2 minutes?, it changed to 5 or 6 minutes), but the screen stays on and does not blank.  Power savings is on and I configured it via 

System ---> Preferences --->  Look and Feel ---> Screensaver ---> Power Management

On Fedora 10, and Fedora 9, this works beautifully but on Rawhide it has not been working like it did before.  I have two accounts on these machines the students and mine.  The students prefer to use KDE and I use both, but on the machine that this is happening is set to use GNOME.  The students get frustrated having to enter a password to unlock the desktop.  I am sad that the screen does not blank as it did before.

This might also be a bug?  

Thanks in Advance,



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