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KDE ---no screensaver set, only dpms option set to blank screen in 2 minutes

Dear fellow fedora testers,

I have a question particularly to KDE users.  I have several machines running rawhide two of them which I let my students use in the classroom.  Both machines run KDE on for them.  It has been a while since I asked, but I will ask again.  This has to be a bug, I have thought about it for a while, but have been hesitant to file it(could be dismissed quickly since others might not see this or this only happens to me :(; ).  The machine has no screensaver running I selected to not run a screensaver, this works.  I set the Energy Savings Feature to blank the screen after two minutes, this works fine.  However after a few minutes the screen locks up and asks for a password, (I did not set any sceensaver up and it does this since a while), why does it does this?  I asked it not to do this in the screensaver(turned it off) and it comes up.  It is annoying(for the students) to have to enter the password to get the screen back up.  

They decided to watch a movie and were watching a movie and for a good while it was working well, then all of a sudden the screen blanks and locks up and asks for a password.  One machine has no xorg.conf and runs with nvidia onboard graphics and the other one with ATI video card uses default radeon that comes with Fedora and it has been working great no complains.  Is there anything that I can do to turn that behavior off?
(the desktop locking up and asking for password).

Thanks in Advance,



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