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Re: How To Fix The Grub Splash Image

On 04/19/2009 03:26 AM, Robert L Cochran wrote:
gimp Artwork-F11-grub.xpm.gz
Click Image on the menu bar and then Mode and notice that Mode is set to
'RGB'. Click the radio button to select "Indexed..." instead.
Under Color map, click the radio button for "Generate optimum palette",
and under that change the maximum from 255 colors to 14.
Click Convert.
Click File...Save As... and rename the file to something else but keep
the xpm.gz extension. For example, "Artwork-F11-v4-grub.xpm.gz".
Accept the default Alpha threshold you are offered for XPM.
su to root:

su -

change directory to /boot/grub:

cd /boot/grub

Copy (with cp) the newly created v4.grub.xpm.gz file to /boot/grub:

cp /home/yourusername/Artwork-F11-v4-grub.xpm.gz .

(If you mv it instead of cp it to be space efficient, I have a feeling
you will run into trouble with SELinux labels.)

Edit grub.conf with your favorite editor, and add the newly changed file
to the splashimage line:


save grub.conf. If you use gedit or emacs or some similar editor, you
will automatically get a backup file.

exit from root:


Restart the computer.

That's it!


Thanks, Bob, that worked for me (I simply replaced /boot/grub/splash.xpm.gz).

Joachim Backes

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