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Re: Sharing Desktop in F11 ?

2009/4/18 Richard England <rlengland verizon net>
In Fedora 10, to connect to your desktop via VNC, it was necessary to use
 System>Internet and Network>Remote Desktop  ("General" tab)
to set the "Sharing" and "Security" settings before you could "see" the desktop.
Is this available for Fedora 11?  I'm not seeing it.  If it has moved, I'm not finding it.  If it is not longer necessary then I'm net getting VNC to work from F11 (connection is refused).  All my F10 systems let me view desktops on other F10 systems and my F11 system can view desktops on the F10 systems.

Any one successfully used F11 VNC to get into another machine on their local network?  I believe I have the firewall configured on F11 and F10 the same.  I also believe I have all the tigervnc modules installed (finally) but can anyone tell me what is required?


check the ports on the machine wich refuse connection, like:
nmap <machine's ip>

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