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Fedora-10 -re_message15


you wrote:
> Message: 15
> Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 04:50:15 +0530
> From: Mani A <a mani cms gmail com>
> Subject: Re: Fedora-10 nighmare-dmidecode
> To: For testers of Fedora Core development releases
>    <fedora-test-list redhat com>
> Message-ID:
>    <78323d480904181620i59c3c8c6k8c2926edb95ac822 mail gmail com>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
> On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 2:05 AM, Arne Chr. Jorgensen <achrisjo yahoo com> > wrote:
> >
> >
> >  I tried to make an xorg.conf, but synaptics did not "see" the 
> > 'SHMConfig' 'true' that I set. Tried different examples that I found, 
> > without luck.
> > But, yes, I this is probably the thing to do.
> Your device section in xorg should look like
> Section "Device"
>    Identifier    "Configured Video Device"
>    Boardname    "Radeon 1200"
>    Busid        "PCI:1:0:0"  #check this
>    Driver        "radeon"
>#    Option    "SubPixelOrder"    "NONE"
>#    Option    "AccelDFS"  "on"
>#    Option    "EnablePageFlip" "on"
>    Option  "DRI"  "on"
>    Option    "DDCMode" "off"
>    Option  "NoDDC"  "on"
>    Option  "ColorTiling" "on"
>#    Option  "AGPMode" "8"
>    Option  "DisplayPriority" "HIGH"
>#    Option  "AccelMethod" "EXA"
>#    Option  "DMAForXv"  "off"
>    Screen    0
> EndSection
># Try with/without section serverlayout
> Section "ServerLayout"
>    "AutoAddDevices"  "off"
> EndSection
> Section "DRI"
>    Group    0
>    Mode    0666
> EndSection
> Write a proper section for your monitor with modelines
> > The scaling causes a lot of noise on the screen, and it also stop 
> > downloads,
> > or - you see the message on the bottom that it is connecting to a 
> > server, but
> > it will time out without showing any page, very often.
> Disable CPU scaling or modify it (the cpu in question permits a number
>  of levels)... if the problem is that, then it must be a kernel issue.
> > Either half the servers in the world was down, or I had some serious DNS > > problems. Later I found it had to do with cpu-scaling.
>  MTU is set to 1412 automatically for some connections
> > Radio on and also enable ethernet cable, have worked to speed up 
> > downloads.
> > However, if radio is off - then you may start and stop the machine by 
> > touching the pad.
> This may mean a h/w problem...bad h/w design with good h/w
> How does it run on Ubuntu or some other distro?
> Best
> A. Mani
> -- 
> A. Mani
> Member, Cal. Math. Soc

I attach an xorg.conf file with your suggestions and my own.

Had Xorg generate the file, but the touchpad was missing. You can see
what I put in.

I have been running with some added section in HAL, which Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams gave me. ( digest, Vol 62, Issue 83 ) and I still had it when I
tried the xorg.conf file again. Placed a couple of pointers to notes:

Note 1: - if this is remarked out, the gsynaptics complain about the
"SHMConfig" "true" missing. ( in section - Note 2 )

If I have it present, then I may set my preferences with gsynaptics,
but I miss the pointing device, and would have to attach an external mouse.


Adam Williamson and Fran├žois Cami wrote me a comment, using nomedeset in
the kernel line and switching to XAA in xorg.conf, and also trying the
vesa driver, or radeonhd. In the attached file, I have written what
has been suggested, while have not enabled it. ( may still be a bit nervous playing around with X-drivers. The CRTs didn't always survive ;) 
As you may see, some names have changed. And there are a lot I don't know
what is. 

I am lagging more and more behind, and it is difficult to be updated. I am
a user, but as HP and other couldn't supply me with a "Linux platform", or
they suggested something - I am here because nothing they had turned out to
work. The guys at Bcm43xx was very helpful, but the first computer was returned to HP when nothing was working. Got it replaced with this, but some problem with the switch and kernel have prevented any attempts with wifi, until recently. 

Asked the wifi-gurus for some opinion, as I did wonder if this CPU-scaling
may take into account the packet-streams or timing needed for the wireless.
It was some of the reasons for a notebook. The cpu-scaling comes second.

This computer has become the most used, and I have not tried Ubuntu or
anything else on it. With age, the preference is what is familiar and what
is working. It is nice for computer work.

Else, I am over my head and may need help with this. It is a much sold
business model, and I am sure many would appreciate it, if it is possible
to configure and support it. 



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