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Re: Grub trouble testing Fedora 11 snapshot 1 using liveusb-creator


this is a known issue if you creating the LiveUSB of Fedora 11 within
Fedora 10. Because it requires the latest version of syslinux, which
is currently only available in Rawhide.

If you use Fedora 10 or below you should upgrade to the latest
syslinux package using this command:

su -c "yum --enablerepo=rawhide update syslinux"

and run the liveusb-creator again.


2009/4/19 Kåre Fiedler Christiansen <fedora kaarefc dk>:
> Hi list,
> I downloaded the Fedora 11 snapshot 1 torrent, and checked the
> checksum to be okay. Then I put it on a USB stick using
> liveusb-creator.
> However, when I boot from the USB-stick, all I get is a uniform white screen.
> If I press enter on the white screen, I get a dialog that says "Enter
> password", I think it looks like what I get from grub if I password
> protect an entry.
> If I press <tab>, I briefly see the grub menu scroll past.
> Has anyone seen a similar issue, or have any suggestions as to what I
> can try to get Fedora 11 to boot?
> My computer is a Dell Latitude D830 - here's my smolt profile if it's any help:
> http://www.smolts.org/show?uuid=pub_46ea8b10-2945-4589-95e1-282b8c2f165d+
> Thanky you for any help or suggestions.
> Best,
>  Kåre
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> Kåre Fiedler Christiansen
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