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Re: How To Fix The Grub Splash Image

On 04/19/2009 08:33 AM, Mike Chambers wrote:
On Sat, 2009-04-18 at 21:26 -0400, Robert L Cochran wrote:
gimp Artwork-F11-grub.xpm.gz
Click Image on the menu bar and then Mode and notice that Mode is set to
'RGB'. Click the radio button to select "Indexed..." instead.
Under Color map, click the radio button for "Generate optimum palette",
and under that change the maximum from 255 colors to 14.
Click Convert.
Click File...Save As... and rename the file to something else but keep
the xpm.gz extension. For example, "Artwork-F11-v4-grub.xpm.gz".
Accept the default Alpha threshold you are offered for XPM.

Thanks for the fix Bob.  Although I did it one step easier I guess, by
just saving the fixed file somewhere else and recopying it back to it's
original path and not having to edit grub.

Anyway, that fixed it, so thanks again.
No problem. I like to preserve the original image of anything so I do a little more work. That way if my fix doesn't really fix it, I can start fresh and figure out what I did wrong.


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