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Re: GNOME keyboard layout

I'm having strange keyboard related things,

one thing which I can't reproduce in fedora livecds but only in
ojuba's (fedora 10 based with almost no change, except default locale
in .ks file and package selection, rpmfusion...etc.)

that problem is when somebody goes to system->prefeences->hardware->keyboard
I got a dialog just like this french person

on the console I see

[alsadi pc1 ~]$ gnome-keyboard-properties
dpy: 0x8ca0f38
evt/error/major/minor: 116/172/1/0
rect: 160, 128 (960x768)

another thing that which is more strange
the strange thing that If I use two dfferent ways to set my layout
in one I got the gnome xkb indicator right and in the other I don't

this first method is system-wide with s-c-k
[alsadi pc1 ~]$ cat /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

[alsadi pc1 ~]$ grep ar-qwerty
            'ar-qwerty'               : [N_('keyboard|Arabic (qwerty)'),
'us,ara', 'pc105', ',qwerty',

which does not work correctly

and the second one is typing the same options (I guess) on command line

[alsadi pc1 ~]$ setxkbmap -model "pc105" -layout "us,ara" -variant
"qwerty_digits" -option "" -option

despite that the two are equivalent I got two different things in
setxkbmap -print

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