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Re: About Workspace

Thanks for your detailed illustration.It's helpful to me.Thank you!
Angel Fish
2009/4/20 John Summerfield <debian herakles homelinux org>
Angel Fish wrote:
Hello everyone,
When I opening the firefox in Workspace1, then turn to Workspace2 and open
the Terminal. While the Terminal is opening, turn back to Workspace1. As a
result, Terminal is opened in Workspace1 only. It's the first time I use
Fedora 10(also Linux), so I am not sure whether it's a bug or not. Do
someone meet the same scene?
PS:The Fedora is running on the Sun VirtualBox.

 When you start an application, which workspace it opens in can depend on things that occur after you click "start" or type the command, or whatever. If you want consistent behaviour, don't change workspaces so quickly.

You can move applications between workspaces, right-click on the titlebar for options.

There is a bug in that some applications don't remember which workspace they were in, and when you restart your session (for example, by logging off with the "save session" option, then logon again they restart, but in the wrong workspace. A major offender here is firefox, I somethimes have as many as 30 web browser windows open at once (I have been cleaning up, I only have 14 Firefox, 8 Seamonkey and a few Konquerors at the moment), and it's a pain to have firefox restart them all in the same workspace.

I presume that, since you said "workspace" that you are using xfce. Other desktop environments use other terms.

It is not like Desktops on Windows, or Spaces on OS X.



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