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Rawhide coming together today.

Sunday's Rawhide rsync'd and pxeboot installed without a hitch.

I did have one crash giving an init 3.  I suspect init 3 is more likely
to crash if appa are open beyond the obvious console.

The 32 bit libs and dev files needed for xlinrad installed without
complaint (alas, without progress idsplay either).

It is still a disappointment that Firefox does not support Flash out of the box.
Nowadays Flash is almost as much a part of the internet as is HTML.
(OK I exaggerate, but not that much.)

Gnome still doesn't seem to have a way to run the sound mixer.
I like the KDE solution but had enough time with KDE to get
used to KDE generally.  Including Xfce in the install provides a
working mixer.  But this is something that should "just work"
just as Flash should "just work".

Other than these issues, Rawhide seems to be coming along.
Good job.

Chuck Forsberg    caf omen com   www.omen.com   503-614-0430
Developer of Industrial ZMODEM(Tm) for Embedded Applications
 Omen Technology Inc      "The High Reliability Software"
10255 NW Old Cornelius Pass Portland OR 97231   FAX 629-0665

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