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Re: sound on my f11 beta laptop is incredibly unreliable

On Mon, 2009-04-20 at 11:53 -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> at the moment, i'm trying to play a youtube video, but there is no
> sound, either from the built-in speakers or via the headphone jack,
> even though i've got volume cranked up everywhere (on the video
> itself, through pulseaudio, etc.)
>   and every attempt to adjust volume through the pulse audio volume
> control ends up with an error dialog:
>   "Connection failed:  connection terminated."
> connection to what?  

Pulseaudio, probably. This sounds like what happens when the pulseaudio
daemon dies. Check your system logs - there'll be some pretty
straightforward messages from pulseaudio if it's crashing.

You didn't mention what kernel version you're running, or what
pulseaudio version, or what audio hardware, so all I can really do is
give you wild guesses about what's happening, and why. 

But the most likely explanation is that PA died. The most common reason
for it to die is bugs in the ALSA drivers, usually intel8x0 or

If you're still running the original F11Beta kernel - update kernel and
pulseaudio, reboot, and see if things are any better. 

Otherwise, check your system log, then look through the pulseaudio bug
reports and kernel bug reports about audio - esp. the ones on the
F11Blocker list - and if you can't find your problem, file a bug.
Include the pulseaudio log messages and dmesg output that pertains to
ALSA/snd modules.


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