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Re: Flash on Rawhide (with nvidia's binary driver)

On 04/20/2009 04:30 PM, Will Woods wrote:
On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 22:00 -0400, Brian Vuyk wrote:
I've been having some minor issues with the proprietary Flash on Rawhide 

It seems that whenever I make a flash file fullscreen, Firefox crashes. 
When running it through GDB, I get the following printed out just prior 
to the backtrace starting:

I would like to get a sense of how many people are experiencing the same 
crash. From conversation with others in #fedora-qa, it seems to be 
pretty widespread. It can be easily tested by visiting any video site 
(youtube, megavideo etc.), opening a video, and clicking the 'enlarge' 
or 'fullscreen' button.

I should note that I used this same version of Flash ( with 
no fulllscreen issues on Ubuntu prior to beginning to test Rawhide.

There is an existing bug in bugzilla about it, to which I've added my 
information. However, it doesn't seem to be drawing a lot of attention, 
and I think this is a fairly important bug to be quashed, since so many 
people use the proprietary flash.

Here is the bugzilla link: 

We talked about this on IRC earlier, but for the record - please note
the files in the backtrace for this crash:

And the backtrace itself:
  #5  0x01d3f8e5 in ?? () from /usr/lib/nvidia/libGL.so.1
  #25 0x9c93b9f6 in _init () from /usr/lib/nvidia/libGLcore.so.1

The proprietary, closed-source nvidia driver is almost undoubtedly the
cause of your problem. If anyone who *isn't* using closed-source
graphics drivers can reproduce this problem, we might have some hope of
debugging that. Otherwise all you can really do is ask nvidia to fix
their code.

*** glibc detected *** /usr/lib/firefox-3.1b3/firefox: free(): invalid 
pointer: 0xa4958b00 ***

Is this possibly related to the recent malloc changes in glibc?

Can't really tell - but even if it was, only nvidia can fix it. So talk
to them.

As I mentioned in IRC in this conversation, I had someone on IRC earlier who was experiencing this crash, with an ATI card in. I hope whoever it is chimes in this thread, because I can't remember the name. However, that leads me to think this isn't a nvidia issue - seems a little suspect that something would break in both nvidia and ati drivers to cause the same bug.

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