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Re: Fonts Change When Composing Emails In Thunderbird 3.0b2

On 04/20/2009 09:48 PM, Robert L Cochran wrote:
When you compose an email in thunderbird-3.0-2.1.beta2.fc11.x86_64 and the default font is an HTML font, for example "Nimbus Roman No9 L", there are times when you can be typing away happily and when the first line of text is almost completed, the font suddenly changes to "variable width". To fix it I have to select the "variable width" text and change it back to the desired font. Maybe it's my clumsy fingers executing a keyboard shortcut without me realizing it?


I don't think it's you triggering some keyboard shortcut. I see this often myself. For seemingly no reason Thunderbird does that in certain situations. It's extremely irritating.


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