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Re: Draft email to maintainers regarding Priority / Severity in Bugzilla

On 2009-04-22, 07:44 GMT, Christopher Beland wrote:
> Leaving the Severity field up to the reporter (or the triager, 
> if the reporter is timid) is way to avoid insult if Priority is 
> set low

What about Priority not being visible to anybody else than 

> We could also change the dimensions of analysis to be more 
> useful.  For example, we could have "Type" which might be 
> {"crasher", "install problem", "malfunction", "usability", 
> "cosmetic", "enhancement"} plus "exposure" as the product of 
> number of user affected times frequency of encounter: 
> {"narrow", "moderate", "wide"}.  Combining these two less
> subjective measures might actually produce a useful ranking of which
> bugs should be handled first.  (Is that a problem worth solving better
> than the status quo?)

a) we want to work with the current bugzilla as much as possible
b) more detailed description less it will work with various 
components ... what about firefox, kernel, xorg, some 
documentation-only package, distribution copmonent?


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