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Re: What happened to rawhide infrastructure (mirrors)?

I'm on the other coast -- I live in the Eastern USA, specifically the state of Maryland. My rawhide updates have been kind of flaky for a few days now, but today I got 25 updates that downloaded quickly thanks to yum-presto and the dawn of the deltaRPM epoch. I guess getting the deltas working correctly is slowing down at least some updates. I'm expecting huge waves of updates any day now, that work like the rainy weather (they never seem to go away...smile.)


On 04/22/2009 05:15 PM, Michal Jaegermann wrote:
I happen to be located in _western_ Canada.  All of sudden, today,
the only mirrors which rawhide decides to pick up for me are only in
Europe or across Pacific.  Here is 'timedhosts.txt', sorted by time
ranking, I ended up with:

ftp.tudelft.nl 0.171518087387
ftp.isu.edu.tw 0.192414999008
alviss.et.tudelft.nl 0.192511081696
fedora.uib.no 0.220848083496
ftp.upjs.sk 0.221509933472
ftp.fi.muni.cz 0.228055953979
mirrors.nl.eu.kernel.org 0.23015499115
ftp.linux.cz 0.230855941772
ftp.df.lth.se 0.238596916199
ftp.jaist.ac.jp 0.253711938858
mirror.karneval.cz 0.253931045532
mirror.yandex.ru 0.283488035202
ftp6.linux.cz 99999999999
mirrors.se.eu.kernel.org 99999999999

I guess that only servers from India are missing in this picture.

The real problem is that transfer rates for most of these
range for me between 10 and 20 kB/sec (yes, you read that correctly)
and if I am patient enough to wait then eventually ftp.tudelft.nl,
for example, would tell me "No packages to update" if earlier "HTTP
Error 404: Not Found" was not returned on an attempt to retrieve

Somebody got way too smart with geocoding?


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