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DNS issues


I just installed F11 beta and updated to the latest packages. It was working fine so far, but then suddenly I got issues with domain name resolving.

When I use Firefox, Thunderbird, wget, whatever, I always get an error message that the domain name could not be resolved. Anyhow the network is up, DNS server IPs are set correctly and I can even use dig and ping to successfully resolve domain names. When I enter a plain IP address at Firefox, it also fetches the page correctly.

Configuration files seem to be correct, there are no hints in the log files, I even checked that there is no proxy set, but I found nothing. I created a clean user to make sure there is no configuration messed up. I rebooted the system, but still got that issue. I'm totally clueless now...

Is this a F11 bug? I have had a look at bugzilla, but I wasn't sure what I should search for.

Richard "Shred" Körber

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