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F11 anaconda crash, kernel arch, radeon blank

I have updated my older Fedora installation with preupgrade to rawhide.
At the end of the update process the anaconda crashed:
There are already two reports from other people attached within few days.

My previous installation was i386, anaconda decided to use i586, but installed also i586 kernel, while this is a PIII CPU with PAE extension. What is the decision mechanism? Is it described somewhere?

I have radeon 9200 using OS driver, but I can not switch to any text consoles, they are just blank, but mingettys are running. This happened already during the installation, I guess it's not bind to updated old system, but xorg radeon driver somehow (init 3 is OK). The are other unhealthy symptomes of radeon.. and a lot of bugs and fails in Test Day: Radeon. Is it going to be any better?

Adam Pribyl

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