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Re: DNS issues

On Thursday 23 April 2009 09:10:58 Christopher Beland wrote:
> I'll throw out some ideas, though others may have more experience with
> this code.  Anne, I'm not sure you are experiencing the same problem, if
> a reboot fixes it for you but not for Richard.  Are your other symptoms
> similar?
I haven't kept records, and my memory is notoriously unreliable.  Certainly I 
can confirm that firefox continues to work correctly on the Mandriva laptop at 
the time that I see the problem, so it's not a straight networking or dns 
problem.  I'm unsure of the implications of ipv6 in that up to now I've been 
disabling it.

In F10, for the first time, I set resolve.conf to use the router to pick up 
the dns servers from my isp.  When the problem recurred yesterday I added IP 
addresses for the ISP's nameservers.  Of course I'm now waiting to see whether 
it still happens.

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