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Re: a draft-bugzilla-entry proposal ?

> Adam Williamson wrote:
> We've actually had a similar proposal (000_Unknown_Component) bouncing
> around for a few weeks now, but haven't had a final decision on it. I
> like your refinements to the idea in theory, but I'm not sure they can
> be made to work in practice - Bugzilla doesn't necessarily have the
> capacity to do all those things.
> Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> Instead of defaulting a component, Bugzilla should not select any
> component. If you hit "commit" you will get an error about not selecting
> a component. However, would this lead people to just randomly select a
> component?
> Christopher Beland wrote:
> That's the problem; sometimes people just pick the one that is
> alphabetically first.

> > What if ??
> > - the very first package had a name "A_Draft" with some info.

The first letter ( maybe more needed ) in the proposal, was to have it
become the alphabetically first package.

Some yellow help text, or full name of the package did seem to appear,
and this should inform that it is a "fictive" package, what ever is suitable
to make it clear.

You receive a notification as usual in the mail if you have made an entry.
For this particular "fictive package", you are informed that you have to
select a correctly "real package" and if possible, some included guidance
as, for example: search the other bugs filed it. 

Further: if you don't edit the package name, your temporary entry will
be deleted in a number of days. 


The idea was to make it easier to concentrate on what you have discovered,
and start filing. The long list of packages and initial problems, will discourage
most from making any entry. That "this" entry will not stay permanent may also
be a relief. You can do a trial run.

On the other side, perhaps it may give some indication of how many would try to file
a bug-report, but is having a second thought.

my 2 cents..


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