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Rawhide install from CD is really unacceptably slow

I'm trying to install yesterday's rawhide onto an older x86 machine,
and I'm just astonished and disgusted by how creakingly slow anaconda
is.  For instance, during the partition-setup step it takes close to
20 seconds to pop up any of the edit-partition dialog boxes, during
which the CD drive is constantly busy.  I could understand it having
to swap in some code from the CD the first time, but each dialog box
takes the same unreasonable amount of time.  On many of the pages it's
taken several seconds even for the cursor to follow mouse movement.
I'm still waiting for the "checking dependencies" step, but every part
of the process has been just as bad.

I installed Fedora 10 on this same machine just last week, and I don't
recall it being an unpleasant experience.  Rawhide seems to be an order
of magnitude slower.

Somebody's really dropped the ball on performance here somewhere.
It's difficult to know which component to blame though; any ideas?

			regards, tom lane

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