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Re: Testing needed for dual boot systems

I like to swap hard drives in and out of my laptop and currently, my Fedora 10 installation dual boots with Windows XP Professional without any problems on one of the drives. A second hard drive has Fedora 11 on it, but no dual booting. If at some point I elect to replace the Fedora 10 on the other drive with Fedora 11, I don't expect any problems so as long as Anaconda doesn't merrily format my NTFS partition.

I'm actually more interested in running Windows XP as a virtual machine in Fedora 11.


On 04/23/2009 04:32 AM, Christopher Beland wrote:
Doing a bit of grub triage, I found several people not seeing non-Fedora
operating systems in their boot menus.  Some of these bugs were filed
against grub, but should these really be considered anaconda bugs?  Or
is it reasonable to request as a future feature that grub detect other
operating systems itself?

If you have another operating system installed (or are willing to do
so), the anaconda maintainer has requested more testing to see if these
bugs are fixed.  It would be useful to see if you can reproduce any of
these bugs in the version reported and in Fedora 11 beta or later.



[anaconda] After installation, grub will only boot to Fedora, and has no
entry for Windows Vista.

[grub] GRUB does not include other OSes in boot loader menu

[grub] GRUB intolerant of pre-existing Ubuntu and Debian installations.
[closed as dup of 334701, but has replication instructions]

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