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Re: any thoughts on why firefox is still nad-grindingly slow?

On Fri, 24 Apr 2009, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

Program A uses feature X.
Program B uses feature Y.
Driver has a bug in feature Y.

 i'm willing to entertain suggestions for tests.  just now, i had one
invocation of firefox and one invocation of seamonkey running.  i
terminated seamonkey, and it went away.  i terminated firefox and it's
still sitting there, in limbo, with the "quit firefox" dialog only
partially displayed on the screen, after 30 seconds, utterly

 as i said, i'm open to suggestions but, at this point, firefox seems
to be totally unusable on this system.

This is strange, but it could be driver issue. Firstly the scrolling problem happen when someone had a compiz enabled on HW without GLX_PIXMAPsomething support, also you could try to switch off the smooth scrolling. But anyway, the drawing of gui itself.. strange. You could maybe get a precompiled Firefox package from mozilla pages, and check with it.

I really do have a bunch or problems with radeon driver on 9200 card with OS driver right now, but firefox is not among them.


Adam Pribyl

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