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Re: any thoughts on why firefox is still nad-grindingly slow?

I'm using Firefox 3.1B3 on Fedora 11, x86_64 and love it. I travel quite a lot and bring my Fedora 11 laptop with me everywhere and so far I've not had a single Firefox issue regardless of where I connect to the net. My only problem (and perhaps I'm not doing something right) is that I can't get Flash to work on x86_64 and this is more and more of a thorn in my side as my friends ask me to look at this or that posting on YouTube.

Thunderbird on x86_64 is a little more quirky when composing HTML emails, but it is still handling my 2+ Gb of mail folders like a champ.


On 04/24/2009 05:41 AM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
   seriously, firefox is still entirely unusable.  i've added the
noscript plugin to filter out junk and yet, even scrolling on a web
page is painful.

   with seamonkey, scrolling is

   *scroll* *scroll* *scroll* ...

with firefox, it's

   *scroll*  wait wait wait *scroll* wait wait wait *scroll* ...

i can't be the only person seeing this, and i can't be the only person
who's pretty much given up on this dog of a piece of software.


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