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re: rawhide report: 20090425 changes

On Sat, 25 Apr 2009 14:46:50 +0000 (UTC) rawhide fedoraproject org wrote:
> gnome-power-manager-2.26.1-2.fc11
> ---------------------------------
> * Thu Apr 23 2009 Richard Hughes  <rhughes redhat com> - 2.26.1-2
> - Backport a patch from upstream that was missed for 2.26.1 that fixes
>   the DPMS timeout slider in gnome-power-preferences.
> * Tue Apr 21 2009 Richard Hughes  <rhughes redhat com> - 2.26.1-1
> - Update to 2.26.1
> - Fix the low capacity warning to fix rh#489832
> - Backport DPMS and IDLETIME fixes from master to fix multiple bugs
> - Connect to gnome-session and exit on logout
> - Remove upstreamed patches

Using Dell laptop XPS with f11 beta since 4 weeks ago and it seems the
power manager was always ok.
Tipically life of my batter is about 2 hours at the moment (battery
has one year of life)

I update every day rawhide (or as soon as available) and at the moment I have:
applied on Apr 24 11:20:32, so the problem below could be an effect of
this update.
I powered off the laptop on Friday evening fully charged (with cable connected).
Today I started it with cable disconnected.
I saw a strange icon for battery after about 10 minutes.... in the
sense that it was the icon when you are almost out of charge at all.
So i pointed the mouse and saw the tooltip saying

1h30minutes remaining in term of time (correct), but only 0,4% in term
of percentage......

Just in case I suddenly plug the cable but the shutdown procedure
began and the laptop powered off itself....

the good is that with f10 I was never able to get it ;-)
the bad was that actually the correct measure was the one with the
time (1h30min)...
I report it because it seems that what fixed in changelog is not
exactly related with my case....

Anyone else? Anyway  I'm going to update and see if this is fixed....

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