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WARNING: at fs/buffer.c:1247 mark_buffer_dirty+0x25/0x7c() (Tainted: P )

Dear fellow testers,

I got the following on kernel, now I am gonna try to get -42 kernel.  

Kernel failure message 1:
------------[ cut here ]------------
WARNING: at fs/buffer.c:1247 mark_buffer_dirty+0x25/0x7c() (Tainted: P          )
Hardware name: P5K Deluxe
Modules linked in: nls_utf8 ppp_deflate zlib_deflate ppp_async crc_ccitt ppp_generic slhc udf vfat fat fuse slamr(P) ungrab_winmodem bridge stp bnep sco l2cap bluetooth sunrpc ip6t_REJECT nf_conntrack_ipv6 ip6table_filter ip6_tables ipv6 cpufreq_ondemand acpi_cpufreq dm_multipath uinput snd_hda_codec_analog arc4 snd_hda_intel ecb snd_hda_codec snd_hwdep snd_seq_dummy snd_seq_oss snd_seq_midi_event snd_seq snd_seq_device snd_pcm_oss snd_mixer_oss snd_pcm firewire_ohci nvidia(P) usb_storage snd_timer rtl8187 mac80211 eeprom_93cx6 firewire_core snd r8169 i2c_i801 soundcore i2c_core sky2 mii pata_jmicron snd_page_alloc iTCO_wdt cfg80211 crc_itu_t iTCO_vendor_support pcspkr ata_generic pata_acpi [last unloaded: microcode]
Pid: 3475, comm: gvfs-hal-volume Tainted: P  #1
Call Trace:
[<c0435ee8>] warn_slowpath+0x77/0xb4
[<c06e3300>] ? out_of_line_wait_on_bit_lock+0x33/0xb3
[<c04bfc3d>] ? sync_buffer+0x0/0x37
[<c06e43b0>] ? __lock_text_start+0x8/0x13
[<c05a8750>] ? vt_console_print+0x253/0x25c
[<c06e3488>] ? out_of_line_wait_on_bit+0xab/0xb3
[<c05a84fd>] ? vt_console_print+0x0/0x25c
[<c0421fad>] ? default_spin_lock_flags+0x8/0xb
[<c06e45d6>] ? _spin_unlock_irqrestore+0x22/0x38
[<c06e45d6>] ? _spin_unlock_irqrestore+0x22/0x38
[<c04363df>] ? release_console_sem+0x1b4/0x1e1
[<c04f01c0>] ? ext3_error+0x39/0x43
[<c04bf553>] mark_buffer_dirty+0x25/0x7c
[<c04eec22>] ext3_commit_super+0x40/0x57
[<c04f010d>] ext3_handle_error+0x71/0x95
[<c04f017d>] __ext3_std_error+0x4c/0x56
[<c04e87bd>] ext3_reserve_inode_write+0x5c/0x64
[<c04e87f4>] ext3_mark_inode_dirty+0x2f/0x46
[<c04e8916>] ext3_dirty_inode+0x53/0x67
[<c04bba35>] __mark_inode_dirty+0x29/0x144
[<c04b3f54>] touch_atime+0xc6/0xcd
[<c04b0332>] vfs_readdir+0x76/0x8f
[<c04b006c>] ? filldir64+0x0/0xcd
[<c04b03ae>] sys_getdents64+0x63/0xa0
[<c040915f>] sysenter_do_call+0x12/0x34
---[ end trace ca2ed35812dab15d ]---

I know it is just a warning, but why do these things happen? 




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