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Re: F11 kvm-qemu: isn't svm enough on AMD?

sean darcy said the following on 04/27/2009 04:34 PM Pacific Time:
Okay. I know I restarted libvirtd, but I didn't check if the kernel modules were loaded.

In any event, your point about the page being wrong for fedora users is well taken. As I've been messing around with this the past couple of days, I've had trouble finding resources for fedora kvm users. And the resources I have found don't match how F11 has set things up. See, for instance, my comment today to http://www.linux-kvm.com/content/using-bridged-networking-virt-manager.

Are there kvm resources for fedora users? I've seen the ubuntu howto's, but I've been leery, because F11 may be set up differently. Is there a list or forum for fedora kvm users?




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