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Re: One or more disks are failing

Nikolay Vladimirov wrote:


I'm also experiencing something similar on T41. The disk is an old
fujitsu 40GB hard drive and I assumed that it is really failing. How
can I check this to be sure if it is failing or not?

Go to your disk manufacturer's website and look for any diagnostic tools. IBM, before it got out of the disk business, had its Drive Fitness Test program on a floppy disk image of PCDOS 2000 (or so) ready for users to download, write to a floppy and boot. Hitachi inherited that, but I don't know the state of play.

Other vendors (eg Seagate) also provide test programs for their disks. Some _might_ require Windows.

I note that HP's most recent (that I've seen) diagnostics for its _PCs_ boots and runs on Linux. My IBM Thinkpad came with diagnostics in a vendor partition.



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