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Re: One or more disks are failing

On 2009/04/28 20:42 (GMT+0800) John Summerfield composed:

> Go to your disk manufacturer's website and look for any diagnostic 
> tools. IBM, before it got out of the disk business, had its Drive 
> Fitness Test program on a floppy disk image of PCDOS 2000 (or so) ready 
> for users to download, write to a floppy and boot. Hitachi inherited 
> that, but I don't know the state of play.

> Other vendors (eg Seagate) also provide test programs for their disks. 
> Some _might_ require Windows.

Or goto http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ and download and burn and boot it. It
has all the drive manufacturers' disk test software on it, among many other
useful diagnostic and configuration utilities.
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