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BugZappers Meeting Recap for 2009-04-28

The meeting recap and full IRC transcript can be found here:

Please make any corrections and clarifications to that page.

= Bug Triage Meeting :: 2009-04-28 =

== Attendees ==
* adamw
* arxs
* dearka
* iarlyy
* mcepl
* poelcat

== Topics of Discussion ==
* Housekeeping - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora11 - poelcat will get the requests and templates ready for the "Mass Change Specification" with assistance from arxs , generating the queries, adding links and spot check the query.

* Triage Metrics - Problems with python continue to delay the completion of this task. Adamw and comphappy are to work toward a solution. The problem is, a small amount of the code needs to be ported to python 2.4. Anyone that might be able to assist with this please contact comphappy. Your help would be much appreciated.

* Severity/priority - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Beland/Bugzilla_Legend - adamw will complete the final daft of Severity/priority developers proposal and send it on -devel.

* Bugzilla Bug Help - From the Bugzilla Team

In order to prioritize our workload we are asking that people look through the current open 3.2 bugs in Bugzilla and vote for the ones they feel are the most in need of attention. There are quite a few RFE's left over from the 2.18 to 3.2 migration as well as new ones that have come in since.

Each Bugzilla user has 100 votes that they can use and you can spread them around as you prefer. If you think one bug is more important than another then use more votes towards it.

To vote, click the (Vote) link next to the bug severity drop down for the bug. You will see current vote information for that bug as well as update your own number.

For a list of non-RFE bugs that the Bugzilla team has accepted:

For a list of RFE bugs that the Bugzilla team has accepted:

For those who would like to participate we ask that you vote within the next two weeks if possible so we can go ahead and plan our workload appropriately.

Bugzilla Team

All Bugzilla users are encouraged to assist in this effort, so give them hand and help out if you can.


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