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Re: F10 nightmare under control

> > Can I replace the card with something Fedora support ? 
> Yes, there are cards supported by entirely free drivers. If you can find
> one which uses the ZyDAS ZD1211 chipset, that's a good one, I have one
> of those and it works very well with the free zd1211rw driver.

How would this be supported ?  

The hardware is a HP-compac 6715b, with network chipset from Broadcom.
In some previous release of Fedora, I tried to get it working with
Bcm43xx, but had to compile my own driver. Something I failed doing,
some libraries or headers was not in the release.Frequent updates of 
packages drowned me.

Adam Williamson wrote:
- " wl is a proprietary module and is not part of Fedora, hence your 
problem is unlikely to be addressed on this list :) "

I was unaware that Broadcom had any driver for Linux. I was certain I 
was running some precompiled b43-module. To patch/compile - make your 
own version, is too demanding. And your left on some different page
then the rest. 

So, with the other chipset, would you get wireless "out-of-the-box"
with Fedora ? 


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